While helping you get a completely unique packaging and give your brand a stronger look and make it stand out by preparing exclusive molds tailored to your taste, we also offer you new design possibilities by using different engraving applications and painting techniques on packaging or creating original materials which complement the brand image through innovative printing and coloring techniques.


Where the market fails to provide you with the glass packaging model you are looking for, we are able to prepare a bespoke, custom-made mold tailored to your needs. Before starting the production process, we present you with a prototype model made using 3D printing technology.


We can emboss or engrave a symbol, logo or slogan associated with your brand onto the mouth, neck, shoulder, body, bottom and/or surface of any model in our product range. Besides this, if the mold allows for it, we can adjust the mouth of an existing model to an alternative finish type of your choosing.


We apply your favorite prints onto glass surfaces with perfect precision using modern screen printing machinery. After the printing process, the glass is stored at a temperature of 620°C to ensure that the print is permanent


With this technique, the whole or part of the glass surface is chemically processed whereby the upper layer is abraded for a glassy, matte, icy look. This technique can be used in combination with the Screen Printing Organic / UV Printing methods to give the packaging an elegant look.


All or part of the glass packaging can be colored with one or more colors using environmentally sensitive water-based colors from the Pantone color catalog. Because it is an environmentally friendly coloring technique, it can be applied on food and beverage packaging. Bright, matte and silvery effects can be created during the painting process. Glass is painted with this coloring technique and then put in an oven at a temperature of 180°C, making possible a limited number of washings in the dishwasher.


One of the economical and most effective ways of displaying your brand is the modifications we can easily apply on the accessories and complementary products to be used. Be one step ahead by applying your logo or slogan on the cork stopper and capsule

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